Mint — infused black tea with its fragrant leaves, will help to calm down and relax in the evening. Mint tea helps with the temperature, from indigestion or critical heat during a cold or flu. Mint will reduce the cough associated with bronchitis and relieve irritation.

Marigold seeds and calendula flowers have a good bactericidal action, which can help with flu or cold.

Anise — the fruit is useful to add in tea as soon as you have an unpleasant rough feeling in throat. This tea can be taken if the cough has already begun — will recover will be much faster.

Jasmine — it is well to cope with General fatigue and symptoms chronic fatigue, raise low blood pressure and stimulates the appetite.

Lavender. Has sedative and antispasmodic agent. Tea brewed with lavender will have a magical effect in the neuroses and insomnia.

Ginger — ginger root can be grated and brewed with boiling water or add slices directly to the welding. He activates the metabolism, perfectly invigorates and warms.

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